5 Priorities to help decide on the best blind or curtain for you

5 Priorities to help decide on the best blind or curtain for you

Looking for some new window blinds or curtains and can’t decide on the endless options? Hopefully in this blog, I can help to simplify the process in choosing the perfect windows treatments.

So you might not know the perfect soloution but do you know your priorities? Window treatments have many benefits but there are none that tick all of the boxes.

So, lets start with the 5 prioritys you will need to understand to get your decision right.

  1. Isulation for energy saving
  2. Glare reduction
  3. Light control for sleeping and television
  4. Noise reduction
  5. visual appeal.

I will go into each of those in a little bit of detail now and then I will help you work out which of these priority’s are most important to you, buy breaking down Practicality/Design/cost

Cost and quality

I have started with cost as it is what most people are thinking about at the early stages of research into window treatments. There are 3 costs to consider, Initial cost, cost per year over lifetime and Secondary costs (energy saving).

Excuse me for the cliche but you get what you pay for! There is a big initial cost difference in price and quality between brands of window treatments. You need decide what your budget is on window treatments and how much your willing to invest in the future savings that quality of brand and style of product over price will bring.

Some quick math’s on the most basic product ‘Aluminium Venetian blinds’.

Kesta 1800×1800= $1000 with estimated life of 3-5 years

Luxaflex 1800×1800=$1500 with an estimated life of 8-10 years

Kresta= $200 per year

Luxaflex= $150

In this example the far Superior looking product will save you $50 a year over its life.


Temperature Insulation and Energy saving

This priority is becoming more and more important to the average punter. With electricity prices at an all time high (and only getting higher) not to mention the obligation most of us feel to do what we can to lower our carbon footprint.

It amazes me, the people building new houses who are putting solar panels on their roof and vertical blinds in the window. As an example vertical blinds have next to Zero insulation factor. Yes it can block out some heat from hitting your floors in summer but this really makes little difference to your energy bills or comfortably.

Compare that with insulated external Roller Shutters and you will see that external roller shutters will give you up to 70% insulation factor, up to 100% blockout sun protection. But, who wants their roller shutters down in the middle of the day right…. Priorities, I’ll say it again, you cant have everything. Roller shutters are very practical for winter insulation because night time is the time we generally want the Roller shutters down. In summer they can be put in the perforated position allowing filters light but for some this isn’t enough light for everyone to be happy with.

Maybe your not interested in having an outdoor product but insulating is still a priority,  Honeycomb blinds are the most insulating indoor blind and are great for energy saving, but for the indoor window treatments they don’t compete with a curtain/ pelmet combination.


Glare reduction

So its important to understand that when it comes to direct sun heating a house, indoor blind products can help reduce the suns effects but if your serious about it, and it’s a priority, the battle is won outside. Well what’s more important to you, If your 100% committed to blocking out the heat External Roller shutters win hands down but as already explained, you loose your view and connection to the outdoors so lets compromise… and you can still win the battle with an outdoor blind or awning buy stopping the direct sun before it hits your window and if your using a screen fabric the outdoors is still visible to you.


Light Control/ blockout

Are you are shift worker, or maybe you have kids that wake up at the crack of dawn. Then this is a strong priority. I think I’ll just go ahead and list from 1-5 the most effective blockout products. Remember that more than one product can be used per window. The roller blind/ curtain combo is the most common combo I’ve seen, but not nessesary with a roller shutter.

  1. Roller Shutters
  2. Curtain with pelmet
  3. Curtain without pelmet
  4. Indoor channel roller
  5. Face fit blackout roman


Noise Control

Do you have noisy neighbors, or maybe you live on a main rd. If this is the case, I imagine that Noise control will be a priority, especially if you are a shift worker or like a sleeping in.

Its reported that a good double lined curtain can block 20-30-% of noise out. With indoor blinds, unfortunately none of the blinds are great in this department with the honeycomb blinds the best of the blinds.

Again when it comes to a practical matters the roller shutters win again with 50% of noise reduction.

Decorating and design.

If you have ever walked into a room with well designed window treatments you will believe me when I say that it can absolutely change a space. This is a very personal preference and I wont try to know what your tastes are.. for some traditional swags and tails with curtains is the ideal look, where other people love the minimalist look of honeycomb blinds. When it comes to what is in trend at the moment, have a look in the latest home beautiful magazine and see what is in vouge. You will find that currently in 2019 S-Wave curtains are very popular with the decorators.

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