#1 Insulation And Heat Control. In the 6 priority’s to consider when buying window treatments series.

#1 Insulation And Heat Control. In the 6 priority’s to consider when buying window treatments series.


This series of blogs has been created to make it as easy as possible for you to make an informed decision on the best window coverings for you.



Before you do anything, do this. You need to know your priorities!

Window treatments have many benefits, but there are not many (if any) options that tick all of the boxes. In this blog we are going to focus on Insulation and temperature control. You will also find links to the other blogs in this series that talk about the other 5 prioritys to consider when buying window treatments.

Insulation, Temperature control and Energy saving

This priority is becoming more and more important to the average buyer. With electricity prices at an all time high (and only getting higher) not to mention the obligation most of us feel to doing what we can to lower our carbon footprint.

It amazes me all of the people building new houses who are putting solar panels on their roof with expensive air conditioning and then vertical blinds in the window. As an example vertical blinds have next to Zero insulation factor. Yes it can block out minimal direct sun light heat from hitting your floors in summer but this really makes next to no difference to your energy bills or climate control.

Compare that with insulated external Roller Shutters and you will see that external roller shutters will give you up to 70% insulation factor and close to to 100% blackout sun protection. But who wants their roller shutters down in the middle of the day right…. Priorities, Ill say it again, you can’t have everything. Roller shutters are very practical for winter insulation because night time is the time we generally want the Roller shutters down anyway. In summer they can be put in the perforated position allowing filtered light but this really isn’t enough light for everyone to be happy with.

Maybe you’re not interested in having an outdoor product but insulation is still a priority,  Honeycomb blinds are the most insulating internal blind and are great for energy saving if you want to keep that minimal look. The Duette blinds by Luxaflex are a good example of a quality, minimalist and efficient product.

If you want to be able to a a little bit of flare and to use your internal window space as a design feature, while giving maximum Insulation, then the curtain/ pelmet combinations are a great solution and they have been proving to heavily reduce window heat transfer for centuries.

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